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As the largest payment solution provider for taxis in the Nordics, we at Bambora have a better understanding of the challenges in the taxi industry than anyone else. Our solutions enable fast and secure payments created to fit the taxi companies' business models, and are integrated with the most important systems that are used within the industry.

To maximize the amount of trips for each driver, it is important for taxi companies that their payments are fast and reliable. Also, many taxi companies are organized in a way that poses problems for standard payment solutions, with several independent drivers working under the same company name.

Based on our long experience within this industry, we have custom-made solutions that provide taxi companies with everything from card terminals to acquiring and unique features that minimize the administrative work. Our close partnerships with the largest distributors in the Nordics for taximeter solutions, booking and financial systems, makes our payment solution simple to integrate and easy to expand on a Nordic level.


Currency conversion
  • Currency conversion
  • Simplified administration
  • Extra data simplifies
  • Smart web tool
  • Local and global cards

A smart service for foreign customers

With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), you can let your customers choose, directly in the terminal, whether they want to pay in the local currency or in their domestic currency.

Bambora then takes over the currency exchange from the customer's bank and provides an updated, competitive exchange rate. For the customer, it will be easier to know exactly how much the purchase is.

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All the integrations you need

Being able to integrate your payment solution with your taximeter and financial system is crucial for a functioning taxi business. Bambora has longstanding partnerships and integrations with most of the largest system distributors in the Nordics.

Taximeter distributers such as Frogne, Structab and Taxi System have well functioning integrations with our terminals. Specialized financial systems such as Holmedal Data can also process our transaction reports. If you need a customized integration or solution, our dedicated integrations department will help you with that.

Control of who is getting what

For large taaxi companies that are made up of many independent chauffeurs, payments risk becoming and administrative headache. That is why we have designed a solution that eliminates the need for individual acquiring and terminal agreements and loads of administrative work, we call it Extradata.

With Extradata we make it possible for our customers to add up to five different fields with customer specific information that accompanies every transaction. That way, a taxi company can have one acquiring agreement and one terminal agreement and still see which driver each transaction is coming from, making administration a lot easier.

Handle transactions and reports i real time

With our web tool you get a complete overview of all your card transactions. Finding specific transactions is easy thanks to our advanced search feature that allows you to search for anything from card numbers to cashier and terminal ID:s

Through the web tool we can also carry out cancellations and refunds, create financial reports and export tip lists. If you want to transfer the information to you company's ERP system you can also automate that whole process. That way your company saves both time and money.

Accept all the most important payment methods

With Bambora as their payment partner, taxi companies can accept all the most common payment methods. We handle acquiring for Visa, Mastercard and Maestro card but also for local Nordic cards like Dankort and BankAxept.

All our terminals are also equipped to accept contactless cards and mobile payment services like Apple pay and Android pay. As our customer, that means you can offer travelers all over the Nordics their preferred payment option.

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