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We are living in an experience economy, where the service industry is how we consume. To sell services is to sell experiences, where the payment experience plays a vital role. No matter what you sell, in what channel or to what customers, Bambora delivers a frictionless payment service, as part of the overall customer experience.


Omni channel
  • Omni channel
  • Recurring payments
  • Invoice payments
  • Range of payment options

Seamless payments with one partner

For companies who use both physical and digital sales channels, Worldline is the perfect payment partner. With our range of expertise across channels, we offer solutions that make it easy to accept all the payment methods you need, regardless of channel.

As a full service provider, you will get one partner to handle all of your payments. We offer simple tools, like transaction and pay-out reports, to facilitate your administration and one point of contact service, regardless if the online checkout fails or your card terminal breaks down. This allows you to focus on growing your business and hopefully making everyday life a little easier.

Ideal for subscription services

If your company offers subscription services, Worldline's service for recurring online payments is perfect for you. Our solution stores the card information in a secure way and allows you on a regular basis make withdrawals.

If you have a lot of returning customers, Bambora Checkout also helps out by saving the customer's card information for their next purchase. Customer can then get their card information prefilled on any online store that uses our checkout solution, leading to higher conversion rates.

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Easy invoice payments for all channels

Worldline makes it easy for your customers to pay through invoice. Our invoice solution is easy to use and you get your money just as quickly as with a regular card transaction.

Together with our invoice partner Walley, we handle all the administration and take all the credit risk. That way, we make it easier for everyone and you can offer your customers a new and flexible way of paying.

Let your customers choose

At Worldline we believe in freedom of choice and we know that the more payment alternatives you offer the happier your customers get. That is why we have created payment solutions that allows you to accept all the most important payment methods.

As an acquirer we can handle card transactions from the worlds biggest card networks: Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay. We can also handle payments with popular local payment solutions like Swish in Sweden, Vipps in Norway and Mobile Pay in Denmark. Thanks to our smart invoice solutions you get yet another flexible payment alternative to offer your customers.

Simplifying payments in all channels for patients and staff at Praktikertjänst


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An all-in-one payments partner creates the foundation for growth and expansion.


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