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With more than 25 years of experience of payments within the airline and travel industry, we understand the needs and challenges of these businesses better than most. That experience tells us that paying attention to the details opens up new and smarter ways to reduce costs, increase conversions and create growth for your business.


Payment performance
  • Payment performance
  • Global payments
  • Integrations
  • Reduce costs
  • Currency conversion

Insights and data as a means for growth

As an acquirer, we receive and collect large amounts of data on transactions and payment behavior from your business operations. That data allows our team of analysts to find insights, trends and behaviors that we can use to further develop your business, whether you are aiming for growth or becoming more profitable.

One example is our ability to increase your acceptance rates by finding and correcting issues where legitimate transactions are incorrectly denied by issuing banks. We also have the ability to discover and prevent large-scale and organised fraud at an earlier stage. In the end, all this means we can offer you a more effective payment solution and better opportunities for growth.

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Payments from all over the world

When it comes to cross-boarder acquiring, we have extensive experience. We have global acquiring licenses for the airline indsutry from Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay, Diners and Discover Card. We also allow payouts in 21 different currencies while handling more than 100 different transaction currencies.

With a simple integration to our acquiring platform you get access to features like reporting, authorisation, chargeback handling and payment performance monitoring. As payment partner to your airline and travel business, you will get the global presence and coverage you need.

All the integrations you need

Thanks to our partnerships with several of the largest PSP:s platforms, it is simple and easy to integrate our acquiring services into your business. Partnerships with global players in the industry facilitates integrations and decrease lead times to get started.

Bamboras dedication to quality and success for our customers has also been proven by our appointment appointment as a preferred partner by many well-known GDS (Global Distribution Systems), BSPs (Billing and Settlement Plans), and international payment provider's platforms.

Reduce interchange fees by optimisation

Running an airline and travel business, with clients from across the world, results in a complex mix of card transactions. This increases risks and can lead to high interchange fees from the card networks. By analysing your transaction data, we can gain a better understanding of these risks and optimise the handling of your transactions to reduce your interchange fees.

Offer currency options when paying

With our service Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) you allow your customer to choose in what currency the payment will be carried out. The customer gets a guaranteed exchange rate and knows exactly what the final price will be. As a merchant, you will always get paid in own currency.

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