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Customer-focused payments


Retail is constantly changing, both in-store and online, and consumer demands are changing faster than ever. Our goal is to service our customers with the most customer-focused payment solution that not only helps them retain existing customers, but also helps attract new ones.


Invoice payments
  • Invoice payments
  • Card terminals
  • Quicker purchases
  • Global platform
  • Increase conversions
  • Security expertise

Increase sales with invoicing

Worldline has created an easier way to offer invoice payments. The customer simply chooses the invoice option in the online checkout. Customers can choose to pay the whole invoice within 14 days or pay it in installments.

As merchant, you get your money just as quickly as with a regular card transaction. We handle the process, so you don't have to worry about administration or credit risk.

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Suited for growth

Our preconfigured terminals makes life easier for growing and expanding businesses. When you receive your new terminal you simply plug it in and start accepting payments directly. Whatever you choose, all our terminals are equipped to handle the payment methods you and your customers need.

You choose if you want your terminal to be wireless, stationary or integrated. Our team of integration specialists can also help make integrations to any kind of POS system.

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Shorter lines and faster payments

Long lines and customers queuing is associated with a bad shopping experience. To create a quicker and more pleasant experience, we allow our merchants to accept contactless payments, mobile payment services and self service checkouts. From experience, we know that this results in to a better shopping experience, less queues and increased average purchases.

With our service Bambora Express we can also speed up transactions during your peak sales periods. This lowers the average transaction time from 3 to 1 second.

The world in one platform

We offer a unique payment platform for fast-growing, large-scale and international e-commerce. Our platform gives you access to all the payment methods you need, the ability to route transactions to the preferred payment provider and automated reconciliation. Expansion and growth to new markets has never been easier.

The platform enables you to handle all the card data in a secure manner. This is done while keeping your business outside the scope of the most arduous security regulations for card transactions.

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Smarter payment data

Through our service Payment Performance, our experts in payment performance helps online merchants increase conversion rates by analysing and correcting problems that lead to declined payments.

We also offer smart services like saved card information, a user friendly design and many different payment options, all of which leads to more business for your online store.

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Always one step ahead

With our expertise and extensive experience we help merchants detect and prevent fraud. Our team of security experts constantly monitor your transactions to help deal with suspected fraud incidents and protect you against new threats.

Through our service Payment Performance we can take security one step further. By handling and analysing payment data in new ways, we increase the probability of detecting and stoping large-scale and organised fraud.

90 percent of customers choose self checkout


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Invoice payments in card terminals - optimal solution for both customers and staff



The total value in euros of the Nordic E-commerce in 2017.


The percent of retail sales that still done in physical stores.


The ratio of consumers who want to see a product in stock digitally, before going to a store.


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