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As one of Europe’s leading acquirers for payment facilitators, Worldline offers quick integration, instant onboarding and fast pay-outs. With our market leading expertise and long experience we help both you and your merchants grow.

Over the past decade, payment facilitators have caused somewhat of a revolution in the payments industry. They have made it a lot easier for smaller merchants to accept payments, both online and in-store.

The model is based on the payment facilitator setting up a master MID account with Worldline as the acquirer. Under this general acquiring agreement the payment facilitator can then set up a simpler process for smaller merchants, usually referred to as sub-merchants, to sign their own acquiring agreements.

At Worldline, we have put together a unique offering for this growing sector, an offer that combines our deep expertise with unique features and capabilities, thereby making it easier than ever to enroll new merchants. Through our omni-channel platform we supply you with acquiring agreements for Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay transactions within Europe and help you reach increased profitability, control and transparency.


1. Fastest integration on the market

Thanks to our new API, we offer one of the fastest integrations on the market. You get fully integrated with Worldline in less than two weeks, with full technical support along the way.

2. Immediate onboarding

The onboarding process for sub-merchants takes only 2,5 minutes, on average. You collect the customer information we need and assign the merchant with a unique ID. After controlling the customer we finish the onboarding.

3. Quick payouts

Another big advantage with our program is our reconciliation process. We support transactions in over 100 currencies and pay-outs in over 20 currencies. The pay-outs are done quickly and in most cases the money is paid out by the following day.

All our payment facilitator customers are supported by a dedicated team, consisting of experts in everything from integrations and technical support to fraud and card networks.
Our partnership means that you can use our unique expertise and experience to handle new regulations, fraud, chargebacks and to increase acceptance rates.


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