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Unleash amazing payments


It can be tough to integrate payments. Or dead easy. With Worldline Connect Light, we’ve built something amazing: complete and easy payments integration tailored for the UK and Germany. It means you can provide something amazing – to help your customers sell something amazing. What’s not to love?


Fast and easy for ISVs
  • Fast and easy for ISVs
  • Quick onboarding
  • Developer Portal
  • All-in-one solution
  • Great merchant features
  • Worldline on your side
  • Strong source of revenue
  • Contact us

Fast and easy for ISVs

You need payment integration – without the headache of doing it yourself. Worldline Connect Light has every building block you need: fully certified, fully integrated, and ready to transform the payment experience for your merchants.

Quick onboarding

Rapid onboarding is a core Worldline Connect Light benefit. ISVs can now integrate payments in just 20 minutes, while merchants can start accepting payments within 24 hours of signing a contract.

Comprehensive Developer Portal

Our Developer Portal makes life easy for you. It gives you a single point of support for integrating Worldline Connect Light into your POS system, including optional back end integration, plus developer kits for card readers. Visit the Developer Portal at www.bambora.mpymnt.com

All-in-one solution

We’re your most fully integrated solution: with everything from a range of payment terminals to acquiring and a payment gateway. You can provide something amazing without starting from scratch, and increase your revenues by making life easier for merchants.

Great merchant features

Worldline Connect Light is a dream to sell to your merchants. It’s not only easy to deploy from hardware through to pricing, reporting and payouts – it also ensures quick payouts with no hidden charges, chargebacks or monthly PCI fees. And of course, merchants can rely on Worldline's reputation as a reliable payment partner and a single point of support.

Worldline on your side

We’re well known for our strength in providing an exceptional partner experience, a vibrant partner community, attractive commissions and skilled and friendly support. With Worldline Connect Light, you partner with a more agile, lean and future-focused organisation.

A strong source of revenue

Let’s not forget profit, of course. Worldline Connect Lightlets you earn additional revenue through your merchants’ payment processing, so you earn a percentage-based transaction fee. Since onboarding with Worldline Connect Light is so easy, that will quickly become a serious revenue stream.

Let's connect

Worldline Connect Light is available exclusively in the UK and Germany. Do you want to find out more or have any questions about Worldline Connect?

Send us and email at connect@bambora.com and we'll be in touch.


Integrate our payment API

We provide a powerful API which enables you to accept payments, verify and onboard merchants. Payment card acceptance for Windows and iOS.

Onboard merchants

Once our API is installed, you can seamlessly and digitally onboard your customers, quickly integrate payment terminals and sign contracts.

Receive your revenue share

Receive recurring revenue for every contracted, active customer using Worldline Connect Light, and enjoy partner rewards for attracting more business.

If you’re interested in a partnership opportunity with the simplicity and revenue potential of Worldline Connect Light, our team are here to help.