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Accept invoice payments online


Worldline has together with Walley developed an easier way for you to offer invoice payment to your customers. As a merchant you get your money the next day, without credit risk or extra administration.
  • Smart invoicing

    In collaboration with Walley, we have developed a smart solution for invoicing.

  • Popular payment method

    A popular method, that increases the freedom of choice for customers.

  • Fast payouts

    When the purchase is approved, you will have your money within a week.

  • Easier and safer

    No risk or extra administration.

Invoice and installment payments are great ways to increase the freedom of choice for your customers and these forms of payment have become increasingly popular, especially for unexpected expenses and larger purchases. Because of this, offering invoice payments can help you even out sales over the month and increase your total sales.

Worldline, in collaboration with Walley, has developed a smart invoice solution that makes it easier than ever to offer invoice payments to your customers. It is included in our payment solution for e-commerce, Worldline Checkout.

A smart invoice solution that makes it easier than ever to offer invoice payments to your customers, in collaboration with Walley.

1. Customer chooses invoice

The customer chooses invoice as payment method in the checkout. The customers can also choose to pay with installment payments.

2. Verification

The customer enters their personal identity number and verify their identity. The verification can be done with a regular ID in-store or with an electronic ID like BankID.

3. Walley performs credit check

This only takes seconds and the customer is notified if the purchase is approved. After it is finished you get the money as quickly as with a card transaction.

4. The invoice is sent

The invoice is sent by Walley directly to the customer who can choose to either pay the full amount in 14 days or pay it off in installments for up to 24 months.


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