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Acquiring agreement


A dedicated acquiring service. As one of the leading acquirers, Worldline ensures that your transactions are managed safely, quickly and smoothly, while helping your business to grow.
  • Payments in all channels

    Accept payments, online and in-store, from the world's largest card networks

  • Fast payouts

    You can have the money in your account the following day.

  • Over 100 currencies

    Customers can pay in over 100 currencies and we make payouts in over 20.

  • Minimize risk

    Our risk team monitors your transactions to help you to detect fraud.

To accept payments, you need both a payment solution and an acquiring agreement. With Worldline, you can get both. We offer you packages with both acquiring and payment solution in one deal - read more about our solutions for online, in-store and omni channel. It is also possible to only sign an acquiring agreement or get the payment solution with us. We will help you, no matter your needs.

When your customer pays by card, it is our job, as the acquirer, to check that there is money in the customer's account, reserve the amount and then make sure that the money is deducted and credited to your company’s account. All this happens quickly and smoothly behind the scenes, so that you can think of other things.


World's largest card networks

With our agreement you can accept payments from the largest card networks: Visa, Mastercard/Maestro, JCB, Union Pay, Diners International & Discover.

Over 100 currencies

Increase flexibility for your customers! Your customers can pay in over 100 currencies and we can make payouts to you in over 20 currencies.

Regardless of bank

Regardless of your bank, we have among the fastest payouts on the market. Depending on your risk level you can have the money the following day.

Minimize risk

Our risk team continuously monitors your transactions to help detect fraud and we are also there to help deal with and challenge chargebacks.

At Worldline we think card acquiring should do more. As an acquirer, we want to make payments easier for you and your customers, and create added value that will make your business grow.



1. All card payments

With us, you can accept card payments, both online and in-store, from the world's leading card networks.

2. From the customer's account

We verify that there is money in the customer's account and make a reservation. We support payments over 100 different currencies.

3. Directly to your account

We make daily payouts for your card transactions to your bank account.

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* Requires the terminal to be certified against Worldline Global Acquiring.


You can also change to a better acquiring agreement but keep your existing card terminals! Fill in the form and we will contact you, and help you get started no matter your needs.