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Enterprise - tailored payment solutions


  • Online

    For businesses with more complex needs for e-commerce.

  • In-store

    For businesses with several points of sale and a complex card mix.

  • Omni channel

    For those who need payment solutions for several channels.

  • Tailored solutions

    We will help tailor the solution based on your business needs.


Regardless of the complexity of your business, payments should be simple! With extensive experience from a long range of industries we tailor solutions that makes the payment process seamless in all channels.

We create the payment solutions of tomorrow.

Card terminals that handle all your needs

Modern and safe terminals

We supply all your stores with modern and safe terminals that can handle all the payment methods you need.

  • With Worldline Express we can also maximize your sales by lowering the transaction time during peak sales.
  • To simplify the logistics we always send our terminals completely preconfigured. Store personnel only have to plug them in to get started.

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Acquiring, for large businesses with complex needs

Payments across borders

Worldline is one of the market leaders in acquiring and offers solutions for large businesses with complex needs. Regardless if your company wants to accept payments online or in-store, or need to accept a wide variety of international cards, we've got you covered.

  • As an experienced cross-border acquirer we can handle over 100 transaction currencies and can make payouts in over 20 currencies.
  • Our licenses for Mastercard and Visa covers merchants all over Europe and airlines globally.
  • Through unified reports and streamlined processes we can centralise all the acquiring and lower the costs for large, international businesses.

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Payment Performance, data-driven optimisation

Data-driven optimisation

With our Payment Performance services, we help companies release the untapped potential of their payment data.

  • Our team of payment performance experts analyse transactions, throughout the value chain, to create a better understanding of unique challenges and potential.
  • Based on these insights, and our close partnerships with the other parts of the value chain, we optimise the handling of your transactions at all stages.
  • This leads to higher conversion rates, lowered costs and less fraud.

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An unique payment platform

The whole world in one platform

For fast growing, large scale and international e-commerce we offer a unique payment platform.

  • This platform gives you instant access to all the payment methods you need, the ability to route transactions to a preferred payment provider and completely automated reconciliation. Expanding to new markets has never been easier.
  • The platform makes sure that all card data is handled securely while also keeping your company outside the scope of the most demanding security regulations for card transactions.

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Omni channel, one partner for all channels

One partner for all channels

The boundaries between different shopping channels and countries are becoming increasingly blurred for today's consumers. That suits us at Worldline perfectly.

  • As a global player, with solutions for both online and in-store, we are the ultimate partner for international companies with an omni channel strategy.
  • We offer tailored payment solutions for an effective and seamless omni channel experience.

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Payment Facilitator, creating better growth together

Creating better growth together

As one of Europe's leading acquirers within the payment facilitator segment, Worldline offers easy integrations, immediate onboarding and quick payouts.

  • Through us, payment facilitators get access to acquiring for Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay transactions across Europe.
  • Our solution is easy to integrate and once in place onboarding of new merchants is done in a matter of minutes.
  • That way, we make it easier for everyone to grow together.

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Tailored online solution

For businesses with more complex needs for e-commerce.

  • No binding time

  • Visa & Mastercard

  • Several payment methods: Swish, Vipps, MobilePay, Dankort **

  • Pay-by-link

  • Webterminal

Tailored in-store solution

For businesses with several points of sale and a complex card mix.

  • We put together the right solution for your business

  • Invoice in terminal

  • Visa & Mastercard

  • Binding time based on your solution

Omni solution

For businesses that need payment solutions for multiple channels, online and in-store.

  • We put together the right solution for your business

  • Seamless and integrated omnichannel experience

  • Tailor-made payment solutions for each channel


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Our goal is to create the most customer focused payment experience. We strive to work together with other companies within the payments industry that share this ambition. Together we can create competitive solutions for the market, where our businesses grow together.
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